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Crystal Salt

"Best event ever! Thank you so much for organizing the event, and for working tirelessly to make sure it went smoothly! It was the best event I’ve ever attended!"

-Joshua S

“We had so much fun yesterday at the Awaken Fair! It was an honor to speak to guests, future clients, vendors, and fellow metaphysical practitioners.”

-Lisa E. (Nov 2023)

I actually used to work at the front desk at the old Double Tree where you guys had the Fair in the Ballroom and I went in to glimpse at it. It always stood in the back of my mind and now that I'm on my spiritual journey, I kept thinking about it. I happened to go into my Eventbrite app to find ways to lift my spirituality and there it was just waiting for me!  That was just a few days prior to the event and I knew it was meant for me to see so I bought the tickets immediately and it turned

out to be THE BEST!

"A great experience! I have seen your ads and natural awakenings, but I’ve never been to your fair. I went this weekend for the first time, it was a great experience! I’m thankful for you organizing this lovely event. Everyone was so friendly and kind. I look forward to going again!"

-Aubrey D.

 “Thank you so much for this amazing experience. Your staff was super helpful, and the organization and access to the Westchester Marriott was a breeze. I also enjoyed all the visitors which is a testament to you and what you have created over the years. Until next time.”

-Raditia (Nov 2023)

Crystal Salt


What a fabulous and enlightening time at the Awaken Fair! We had the privilege of connecting with spiritual entrepreneurs and remarkable women…forging connections that will not only build our community, but contribute to the ever expanding consciousness of humanity. It was truly a beautiful day filled with immeasurable gratitude to all involved.”

-Maria M. (Nov 2023)

"Everything ran so smoothly! I just wanted to say thank you for all of your hard work and organizing the Awaken Fair yesterday. It was my first time as a vendor at the fair and everything ran so smoothly. I know how much goes into these Fairs and I truly appreciate all the time and effort that went into organizing it. I’m looking forward to my next Awaken wellness             fair!"

                  Anne S. (Nov 2023)

“For the record, I have found the Awaken Wellness Fairs, under your leadership, to be the most open and welcoming event of its type in my nearly forty years in this work.”

Ann F. (Nov 2023)

“It was so nice to finally be back. I met so many wonderful people and did really well. I wasn't sure how people would respond to coming out - but we had a nice turnout. Thanks again for all your hard work.” -Nadine G. (Nov 2021)

Crystal Salt

I have been a participant of the Awaken Fair for many years providing psychic readings to attendees. I love giving readings at the fair, as the energy is always warm and welcoming. The event is run professionally and efficiently by a talented and dedicated highly staff. I enjoy working with Paula, Christine, and Bob, as they always stay on top of things and are incredibly easy to work with. I wholeheartedly recommend the Awaken Fair to participants including speakers, vendors, healers, and readers.
Ivy  Black

"Great team! Thank you for being so supportive and helpful! You have a great team, Paula, as as I imagine it is necessary with this type of work!"  Shama D.

"A wonderful event! Thank you for putting together the Awaken Fair in Tarrytown! I’ve met so many great people, and enjoyed myself immensely."

-Mala B.

Thank you so much to the Awaken Fair for having us as part of their incredible fair!! It truly is a utopian event, and experience, where so much energetic healing happens in a sacred space of love and light!! So grateful and honored to have witnessed and been a part of it all. 

-Laura S. (Nov 2023)

“Thank you again for such a professional show and staff that made everything flow so smoothly.”

-Anne B. (Nov 2019)

“A wonderful and well organized fair!” -Yifat M. (Nov 2019)

Crystal Salt
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