​​​​​​​SPEAKERS - Two rooms of continuous Speakers

Screening Room on the Mezzanine​
10:15  Olivia Whiteman’s Chakra Collective 1st Session
Carlos Cuellar Brown, Music Therapist - Sound Therapy to Retune Body
Rev. Laurelle, Rethke Energy Healer - Crystal Healing by Color
Shanna Marie, Aroma Therapist – Essential Oils and Chakras
11:00  Dr. Paul W. Dyer “Bridging the Gap of Emotional Science”
11:45  Nomi Bachar "Tap into Your Inner Leader/Healer"   
12:30  Dr. Rodrigo Imana  "The Brain-Body Connection"
1:15  Dr. Benjamin Lane  "Foods for Better Vision"

2:00  Dr. George Gertner "The Best Kept Secret in Healthcare"
2:45  Curt Leyser  "World Change, A Spiritual Perspective"​
3:30  Olivia Whiteman’s Chakra Collective 2nd Session
Noelle Lauren, Happiness Coach – Mindful Techniques for Happy Chakras
Dr Munira Merchant, Ayurvedic physician – Ayurvedic and Chakras
Ashni, Flower Essence Therapist – Essential Oils and Chakras
Trent Rhodes, Career Coach – Chakras and Professional Development
4:15  Olivia Whiteman’s Chakra Collective 3rd Session
Dr. Denise Galon - Ayurvedic therapist - Chakra Meditation
Brenda Yarnold, Chair Yoga Teacher - Chakras in Yoga
Joan Carra, Psychic Medium – Musical Chakras

​​​Penthouse on the 16th Floor

Click here for LIVESTREAM
10:15  Marge Ptaszek “Introduction to the Knowledge Book”
LIVESTREAM 11:00  Shama Dhanani  "How to Stop Living with Distractions and Doubt; Activate Your Success Mindset Using Hypnosis"
LIVESTREAM  11:45 Julie Strong "Aligning the Mind for Breakthrough Manifestations”
LIVESTREAM  12:30  Dr. Eric Kaplan “17 Ways to Prevent Alzheimer's Disease and Memory Loss”
LIVESTREAM  1:15  Joan Carra  “A Celebration of Life after Death”  
LIVESTREAM  2:00 Mala Bhansingh "Getting Your Money Handled: 3 Secrets to Creating and Keeping More”
LIVESTREAM  2:45 Evananda "Connecting with Divine Energy for Healing and Enlightenment"
LIVESTREAM  3:30  Shilamida Kupershteyn  “Abundance and Gratitude”  
4:15  Simona Manenti “Unearthing Your Angelic Wings”


Three rooms of Unique Vendors 

  • Solarium on the 16th Floor
  • Winthrop Room on the Mezzanine​
  • Lily's on the Street Level

Jennifer Murphy - Vendor

Holistic Dentists  Alternative to Root Canal
Hemp Garden - The first CBD retail store in New York City
Sam Liebowitz The Conscious Consultant   

Crystal Melton- Vendor
Mivie Health  Your Daily Dose of Happiness

Nevsah Change Your Breath, Change Your Life 

Ayo Jam LLC

Jasmine Gates

​Awakening NY Healing Center An Urban Healing Sanctuary 

Dr. George Gertner Upper Cervical Chiropractic of NY

Ultra Cell USDA Certified Organic Hemp CBD Oil  The number #1 hemp derived CBD oil in the nation
Dona Dec 
Plantsweetness Essential Oils, Crystal & Stones 
Lynne Dominick
Bodysoulbeauty Prime My Body 
Carrie Engerrand
Daily Scentuals - Everyday Essential Oils 
Mala Bhansingh
CPA & Money/Finance Coach 

Shama Dhanani Finance Retiree, Hypnosis Soul Coach & Success Shaman 

Isagenix Weight Wellness, Energy, Performance and  Healthy Aging

The Avatar Course Learn Tools to Live Deliberately 
Mariola Jedynasty of
Awakening NY LLC  
Linneth Hall
Tea of Life - Medicinal Herbal Tea and Supplements

Lab of Life Chiropractic - Healing the Physical, Emotional and Chemical Body

Come – Come - Come to learn about the Light – Photon - Cyclone Technology of the KNOWLEDGE BOOK

Judy Ko Akashic Record and Mediumship Readings, Space Clearings & Psychic Surgery 
Shilamida Kupershteyn
Author, Spiritual Guide, Healthy Living Mentor & Acupuncturist 
Camille Laoang
Share International - The Emergence of Maitreya, the World Teacher 
Chisako Liu of Seazen LLC -
A Unique Line of Soap and Skin Butter Products Made with All Natural Ingredients 
Carlissa Louther of My Skin Harmony -
All Natural Skin Care Products 

Dr. Rodrigo Imana Human Potential Chiropractic The Standard Procedure for the Human Experience 

Megumi Chikaraishi  NU SKIN/Pharmanex - Anti-Aging Inside/Out Based On Natural Ingredients  
Ancy Choden Beautiful Tibet -
Tibetan, Indian and Nepalese Handmade Artifacts
Stella Danker of The Do Good Shop
Socially Conscious Shopping that Lifts Families Out Of Poverty 
Dr. Eric Kaplan of Kaplan Brain and Body
Functional Neurology & Functional Medicine 
Barbara Kaplan of Barbara's Lavender Garden - Angel and Crystal Jewelry and Healing Stones 
Neelam Sethi of Touch N Heal -
Sujok Ayurvedic Therapy And Therapeuatic Tools - A Holistic Appproach for Better Health 
Cotty Cohen of Beautycounter - 
Safer Regimens. Real Results. Find the one that's right for you. 
Rob Posenato of Hudson Valley Holistic LLC/Hudson Valley CBD –
All Natural CBD Based Health Products 
Rob Greenfield Vita-You Solutions
“Nature’s Remedy in Every Drop”  
Simona Maneti  LLC 
Unearthing Your Angelic Wings 

Spiritual Reiki Light: Candles & Crystal Grids plus Crystal Bowl Aura Clearings with Reiki to Raise Your Vibration

​Harmony in Chakras with The Chakra Collective

​Arzabell Solar - Natural Healer & Chakra specialist/Psychic Healer

Diljay Sterling- 925 Sterling Silver Natural Gemstone Jewelry

Natural Awakenings Magazine New York City - Feel good, Live simply, Laugh more

Bädé Collection - Self-care redefined through fresh and creative apothecary


Roger Smith Hotel

501 Lexington Ave. @ 47th

New York 10013

Sun. July 29 10am to 5 pm

​FREE admission          Click here for Exhibitor Info

body mind spirit in New York


NYC is bustling all summer long -- join us July 29 at the Roger Smith Hotel!  The Awaken Fair enlightens the public about all things holistic, natural, spiritual, authentic...  We help  people awaken to their best selves!  Our Exhibitors' special services, skills and products help people grow into the best version of themselves -- the Awaken Fair is the perfect place to find both ancient practices and cutting edge technology for wellness of body, mind and spirit.  

Join us and see why we are the best-loved holistic fair!   ​