Jack (aka Sage Vibration) - an artist with intention

American Ayurveda - Health for All, Naturally!

Awakening NY Healing Center An Urban Healing Sanctuary 

Avatar - Ready to create magic in your life?
Barbara's Lavender Garden - Angel and Crystal Jewelry and Healing Stones

​Baari161 Hip & Healing T-Shirts

Beautiful Tibet  Tibetan, Indian and Nepalese Handmade Artifacts

Rick Gabrielly, BEMER IBD  “Help Your Body Heal Itself...The 8-Minute Miracle!”

Cannabis & Hemp Association Come meet "The Hemp Coach" 

Carrie Kaplan Skincare Beauty & Wellness

Christian Science Church, Tarrytown

CleanChoice Energy - When it comes to energy, now you have a choice

DÁFNI Greek Gourmet

Debra Soul Intuitive Holistic Master Energy Healer, Life Wellness Coach

Jack Dee's Apothecary
Diljay Sterling- 925 Sterling Silver Natural Gemstone Jewelry
Dr. George Gertner Upper Cervical Chiropractic of NY

Elizabeth Allen's "FeistyWoman's Guide to Surviving Mr. Wonderful" 
Found Herbal Apothecary  Experience a Life More Herbal 

Green Mountain Energy  Change the Way Power is Made

​Hanson Tse Master Healer and Founder of WAMBI Exploration

Harbor Healing and Wellcare  Chiropractic Healing 

​Hemp Garden - The First CBD Retail Store in New York City
Hudson Valley CBD – All Natural CBD Based  Health Products

Jellymoon Apothecary & Center for Well-Being

Joshua Schulman Energizing the Mind with Higher Brain Living®
Judy Ko - Akashic Record and Mediumship Readings, Space Clearings &                        Psychic Surgery
Kaplan Brain and Body: Functional Neurology & Functional Medicine

Kitchen Craft - American Made Kitchen Accessories
Kool Foods™  A Prepackage Snack or Mini meal, that Tames Your Hunger

Magnetude Jewelry - Add a "Tude" to Match your Jewelry

Maria Giambrone

Milla's Designer Jewelry  Elegant Natural Stones and Polymer Clay

My Skin Harmony All Natural Skin Care Products
Oh My Balm- Beautiful Handmade Body Products that Contain

               No Chemicals or  Preservatives
Plantsweetness Essential Oils, Crystal & Stones

Rock Collage Healing Gallery High Quality Crystals, Stones, Minerals &

               Holistic Lifestyle Products

​Salt Sage Stone  Spiritually-Minded Soulcare Products
Share International The Emergence of Maitreya, the World Teacher

Sheago Cosmetics  A Premium Line of Food based Products for Skin & Hair 
Shilamida Kupershteyn  Author, Spiritual Guide, Healthy Living Mentor 

              &  Acupuncturist

Shira Synergy: The only holistic CBD system where ancient wisdom

               meets modern science.
Simona Maneti “Unearthing Your Angelic Wings” 

​Soulfully Sweet Scents  Awaken Your Soul With Aromatherapy

Stardust Blessings  Orgone Energy Technology, Metaphysical Tools and                          Holistic Products
Super 7 Healers - Products that Ground and Clear Negative/

              Unbalanced Energies
Susan Bischak, Author, Selling FIR Tourmaline-Infused Blankets,

                Pet Mats and Kinesio Tape

The Bodhi Meditation Society A Non-Profit Organization Dedicated to                               Teaching Meditation for Health

The Do Good Shop Socially Conscious Shopping that Lifts Families

               Out Of Poverty
The Third Eye Studio Healing Intuitive Paintings and Giclee Prints

              by N. Gordon-Taylor
Touch N Heal - Sujok Ayurvedic Therapy And Therapeuatic Tools,

              A Holistic Appproach For Better Health

Two Eagles Healing - Handpicked Crystals and Stones

​Untamed Hearts - Beautiful & Meaningful Objects Injected with Energy of Unconditional Love and Protection

​Valerie Stanley - Psychic of Manhattan
Violet Fox Jewelry - Magic Amulets, Intuitively Created and Ritually Charged

​Westchester Body & Brain Yoga & Tai- Chi Holistic Health 

               and Wellness for the Mind, Body and Spirit

Westchester Holistic Network -- An Alliance of Spiritual Beings

               on a Human Journey

​Young Living Essential Oils, Tina Sadler  Journey to Wellness,

                Purpose and Abundance

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​​​​​Autumn Lorraine Intuitive Tarot, Clairvoyant and Empath

Barbara Calvano  Angel Channel & Intuitive, Angel Tarot

          and Life Coach

Beverly Berkowitz  Intuitive, Evidential Psychic Medium

Calise Simone Psychic Medium
Chi Reading & Dream Decoding ​with Ivy  Intuitive/

          Mediumship Readings 
Rev. Dr. Christine Villani  Medium and Psychic​
David Bernstein Angel Card Reader, Tarot,

          Family Psychic, Clairvoyant

​Georgia Marantos  Tarot Card Reader & Intuitive Consultant

James E. Coleman  Reader, Inner Peace Artist

Jefferson Harman Dream Interpreter & Viking Rune Card Readings
Kathleen James Spiritual Medium and Certified Angel

          Therapy Practitioner

Kristyn Neal The Traveling Intuitive, Psychic Medium 

Laura Keller Cosmic Channeler & Intuitive Reader

Lelani Spiritual Healer, Intuitive, Oracle Card Reader,

           Empath & Medium
Lena Vladsky Intuitive Astrologer & Life Coach
Letha Hadady, D.Ac. -  Palm Reading & Asian diagnosis to

          predict future health, luck and fortune 
Linda McCracken - Reader
Lindsay Mann  Akashic Records Consultant for Intuitive

          Energy Healing
Lindsey Sass Medium, Clairvoyant, Healer; Connect with

          Departed Loved Ones, Discover Your Life Path
Lynn Rene MacDonald Intuitive Reader, Empath, Medium,

          Medical Intuitive, Master Soul Clearer and Love Energy Channel

Paula Forester Psychic Medium &  Egyptian Tarot

Petra Rakebrandt  Intuitive Theta Healer & Reiki Master
Psychic Sherrill Zucker Akashic, Mediumship and

          Past Life Readings
Rebecca Stone "Becca with the Light" Intuitive Guidance

Rev. Jackie Bumm Psychic Medium
Sharon AndreaSpiritual Empathic~Medium Twin Flame/

          Divine Compliment/Soul Mate Reader
Terry Lauria-Whalen Intuitive/Medium & Spiritual AdvisorSpirit Asked Me to Tell You – Valerie Stiehl

                    Spiritual Clairvoyant Channel & Past Life Regression

Nothing like being at the Awaken Wellness Fair in the beautiful Hudson Valley in the Autumn, just 35 minutes north of NYC!  This Fair is in three Speaker Rooms right next to the Grand Ballroom -- all 3 rooms are right next to the Ballroom!  In addition, we have our expanded Reader and Healer area for everyone's comfort...  Yes, it's true -- the Awaken Fair just keeps on growing!​  Below see the very beginning of our exhibitor list for the upcoming Awaken Fair on November 18, 2018 from 10am to 5 pm in Tarrytown.  Join us  -- it'll be the best Awaken Fair ever!

Gifted Healers

Pre book your appointment at a discounted rate:  click here!  

Room  B

11:00 Asami Kondo & Antoinette Lampert 
          "Ready to Create Magic in Your life?"
11:45 Shira Adler "CBD - The Evolution of the Revolution"
12:30 Susan De Robertis "“Money Manifesting Made Easy”
1:15 Ilene Cohn Reichman, Esq. "Vanquishing Stress: Tools to                 Enhance Your Health, Personal Growth and Transform                   Your Life!"
2:45 Jemma Fassett​​​

CLICK HERE to catch the Awaken Fair's world renowned healers & speakers and you’ll even hear  from a few vendors! 🌈F rom any smart device in the location of your choice -- live 11/18.  Then on 11/19  onWard Video On Demand.   

    OUR  EXHIBITORS  ...​​

Room C 
10:15 Dr. Joshua Schulman ​" Achieving Self-Empowerment and               
Greater Presence with Higher Brain Living®" 
11:00  Kristin Sheehan "Addressing our Ancestor's Influence on

            Our Relationship to Food"
11:45 Giulia Nesi  “A Spiritual Revolution: The Quest to

             Experience God”
12:30 Dr. George Gertner "The Best Kept Secret in Healthcare"
1:15  Petra Rakebrandt “Yin is the New Black - How To Get Rid

          Of Imbalances In Your Life”
2:00 Tippy Felzenstein “Pleasurable Productivity:  Imagine the                Discipline and Freedom to Have Full Control

          Over Your Life”
2:45 Dr. Eric Kaplan​ "Brain Coach Answers All Your Questions

          about Memory Loss, Insomnia, Fatigue & Anxiety"​
3:30 Simona Maneti “Unearthing Your Angelic Wings” 

4:15 Georgia Marantos "Tarot Talk"  

Expert Speakers

November 18, 2018 from 10am to 5pm

Double Tree Hotel

455 So. Broadway - Rte. 9

Tarrytown NY  10591

Click here for tickets

Anne Benzen Energy Healer and Reiki Master Teacher
Celeste Paull- Reiki Master Healer​
Diane Pratt Reiki Master and Transition Coach

Donna Obanks - Reiki Healer

​Gina Morello- Massage Therapist

Reiki Qigong Fusion by Jessica and Ian Gelman

Jemma Fassett
Julie Strong/CreativeTheta - Transform Your Beliefs,

          Empower Your Life
Kate Cannataro  - Self-Love and Intuitive Energy Coach
Kristin Sheehan  Theta Healer​
Pure Energy Healing with Laura Raphael ​
Petra Rakebrandt Intuitive Theta Healer/Mindset

Shamanic Reiki with Erin Intuitive Empath and

             Shamanic Reiki Practitioner
Transformational Healing With Simon Deacon –

              Divine Energy Therapy – VortexHealing®

​Suez Mendez  Reiki Healer

Room  A

11:00 Nitin Adsul “Secrets of Kundalini Activation” ​​

11:45 Shilamida Kupershteyn  "Forgive, Love, Elevate"

12:30 Julie Strong & Julia Bernadsky "Objects + Energy =  Creating
           An Amulet

1:15 Barbara Calvano "Step Into Your Power: Co Create An                       Extraordinary Life with the Angels" 

2:00 Michelle B. Whitney​ / Mama Ursula of Purple Lotus Zen​   

        “Connecting to the Divine Source of Reiki” 
2:45 Ann Finneran of Share International 

         “A Meditation to Help the World”
3:30 Lynn Rene MacDonald " Who Are You?- Come and Discover 

         ALL About You From Your Name And Birthdate!"

Unique Vendors

Intuitive Readers

Pre book your appointment at a discounted rate:  click here!