​​​​​​​​​​​10:15  Hanson Tse  "Unveiling the Greater You: Live Healing Demonstration"       

Hanson is back with this deeply healing lecture in which we shed our limitations and blockages from living as our natural and boundless selves.  Each of these experiences is unique and channeled in the moment.  Recently Hanson has been called to give personalized assistance to individuals who are in particular need, giving the audience an insightful peek into this Divine process and its incredible results.  See, experience, and find out for yourself how your life can transform from this work!  323-686-1555 info@hansontse.com   hansontse.com

11:00  Nomi Bachar "Tap into Your Inner Leader/Healer"
A powerful leader has a clear

vision, great communication

skills, a fierce commitment to

positive impact, and an ability

to implement actions and reach

objectives. This keynote helps

you tap into your unique, personal leadership power – the leader within you. It shows you how to create a massive inner shift from survival mode to successful thriving. 
Your inner leader is also your powerful inner healer. It is the part of you that is directly connected to the universal healing power and highest intuition. When we live and act from this part of us, we can heal ourselves, others, and manifest our true destiny and purpose.

11:45  "Podcasting Your Way to Success with

Sam Liebowitz & Dr. Tranquility”
Dr. T. & Sam (owner of Talk

Radio NYC) will be giving a

talk on how to earn an extra

income podcasting your way

to success. Owning your own

podcast can be one of the

most effective means to

engage your customers, build brand loyalty and create reusable content that will serve you for years to come. Learn insider tips from two people who have produced, promoted & monetized thousands of podcasts! Talk Radio NYC & Dr. Tranquility Talks!  Snacks will be served!   DrTranquility@drtranquility.com facebook.com/DrTranquilityLydia/   talkradio.nyc/hosts/sam-liebowitz/

12:30 "Issues and Answers -- Clear and Create --  Workshop" with Lynn Rene MacDonald
EVERYONE will have the Opportunity to

Speak with Spirit- with and through- Lynn

Rene MacDonald. You will receive the

Answer/s that are BEST for YOU and ALL

from Love Energy.  Not only will you get

the Resolution to your Problem/Issue-

You will also get Amazing Soul/Whole

Being-Clearing that will make your life Exponentially better in EVERY Area.  Clearing the way to truly make what you desire to happen.  Lynn Rene MacDonald 

1:15  Karen Cigna "How To Love Your Body"
Karen has been a size 2 and a Size 26Wide,

and every size in between. She hated her

body and herself at every size, including

the size 2, until she decided at a size 26Wide

how to love her body. Self-Love resulted in

weight loss, more happiness, and more

love in her life. Join Karen, the author of "The Size of My Life,", to discuss how to love your body and yourself.       

​​2:00 Noelle Lauren  “Path to Daily Happiness and Love - Uncovering Your Inner Healer”   
With the nature of what is going on

around us, levels of stress are at an

all-time high. We are activating our

fight or flight part of our brain way too

much, causing us to react instead of

respond to life’s obstacles. In this talk,

learn mindfulness and meditation techniques to help train your brain for ultimate resilience. You deserve a life filled with love and happiness. You have the key to heal yourself.   noelle@healinginthecity.com  201-838-3564 healinginthecity.com      ​​

2:45  Olivia Whiteman "Harmony in Chakras"​ 

​Balance Your Chakras & Enhance Your Life. 

Balance in our energy centers is essential 

for our body's physical, mental & spiritual 

development. Join Olivia Whiteman's Talk 

with The Chakra Collective. The Chakra 

ollective is comprised of energy healers,

therapists, psychics, yoga teachers, artists and professional. Together they have written, "Harmony in Chakras," where the many influences chakras have in all aspects of our lives are revealed.917-567-4374 harmonyinchakras@hotmail.com 


11:00 Diane Krumholtz Lyras  “What the Shift??!!! Is Going On?”  What the shift is going on here?!  Are you feeling different?  Are you experiencing the different energy?  Are you having trouble 
sleeping at night, or experiencing
strange illnesses or aches and 
pains?  How about lower energy? 

You are not alone!  There IS 
something happening here. 

We are shifting, changing and we are 
evolving. Additionally, find out why
your words are even more powerful than ever before.  This is a new time and we are, indeed ushering in a new age!  See you there!  914-575-8170 dianelavita@gmail.com www.NewAgeBeginnings.com

11:45 Julie Strong/CreativeTheta – “Aligning the Mind for Breakthrough Manifestations”
Though surely created in intelligence,
often subconscious belief patterns 
can stand in the way of what we are 
most wanting to create and 
experience.   In this talk Julie will guide 
the group to a powerful theta 
brainwave connection, give a deeper
understanding of how beliefs can be transformed to align with true desire and guide a Manifestation Meditation designed to align the mind in new and profound ways. julie@creativetheta.com  www.creativetheta.com

12:30 Hollister Rand KEYNOTE "Messages From Loved Ones in Spirit"      
Do loved ones in spirit know what is 
happening in our lives? Through 
specific spirit messages for audience
members, Hollister demonstrates 
how loved ones guide us through
times of change. Experience the 
peace of knowing that those you love remain near. Hear how they may be reaching out to you. Beloved pets in spirit may join us, too!  There is also be time to ask general questions about spirit communication and what life is like in the spirit world.  http://www.hollisterrand.com/

1:15  Elder George "Spiritual Healing: Effective Health Maintenance at Low Cost for Everyone”
Elder George will give a brief 
description of Spiritual healing and 
then provide healing demonstrations
person to person, remotely, and a
group healing. He will focus on healing
stress caused symptoms plaguing 

society in general and women in 
particular such as lower back pain, insomnia, headaches, and menstrual pain and irregularity. Constant stress is not natural - Elder George will help you get rid of it and stay rid of it.  http://maiwellness.net/

2:00  Dr. Eric Kaplan "Breakthrough Research in the Prevention of Memory Loss and Dementia"
Do not let your loved ones become ​strangers to you. Getting older does not mean your memory will start to decline. There are many ways to improve your memory even as you age​. During this talk, you will learn about the best ways to prevent dementia and Alzheimer's Disease. Dr. Kaplan will teach you about the most researched natural protocols that will keep your mind strong and improve your mind. 

2:45  "Abundance and Gratitude"
Shilamida Kupershteyn 
Are you living the life you desire? Many
are not. We get caught up in struggling

to survive than living to thrive. If you 
want a better life, and don't know 
where to start, consider the power of 
Gratitude. Join Shilamida while she
talks about abundance and gratitude and how you can shift your life from where it is to where you want it to be. Take a journey with her through positive affirmations and guidelines for living.

3:30  "World Change, A  Spiritual Perspective"

Ann Finneran
Could this period of global crises 
signal a transition to new world

models we can, and must, play a role
in crafting? Many think so, aware also
that “we are the change we’ve been

waiting for.” But who are “we”?  Learn
about the World Teacher Maitreya, and his group of wise advisors, and how they are facilitating our efforts toward world reconstruction moving forward into the next cycle for humanity (and the planet as we honor Earth Day).

​4:15 “Intro to Sacred Activations: Level Up Your Life” Madame Equiss & Hanson Tse
Discover powerful healing with Sacred

Activations by founder Tamra Oviatt. SA

is easy-to-learn but highly effective and

channels Creator energy to activate Sacred

Geometry, transform belief systems,

supercharge intuition, and bring about

massive change. Join Master Healers Madam Equiss and Hanson Tse as they demonstrate this unique system. Participants will receive a discount on upcoming training. More info on Sacred Activations at www.sacredactivations.com For a session:  www.madamequiss.com or for more infomation on the course:  www.hansontse.com


​​​10:15   Dr. George Gertner "The Best Kept Secret in Healthcare" Upper Cervical Chiropractic of New York will be presenting an insightful lecture which will unfold the biggest secret in healthcare.  The premise for this discussion is that the body is a self-healing, self-regulating machine perfectly designed for health.  We will show how we use the most advanced methods to detect and remove any inference from the nervous system and ensure proper communication of all instructions for optimal health and function  914-686-6200  info@ucc-ny.com  www.ucc-ny.com

11:00  Medium Joan Carra  “A Celebration of

Life After Death”


Do you long to talk to a loved one who passed away? Do you long for comfort and closure? Joan is a medium for over twenty years and is recognized in books, magazines and newspapers. Joan will demonstrate her ability by communicating with your friends, family and even pets;  who have crossed over to the other side.  Joan taught at the Edgar Cayce Center, the Wainwright House, the N.Y. Life Expo and last summer was a medium at the historic Lily Dale Assembly. 203-531-6387  psychicjoan@yahoo.com   psychicjoancarra.net/

11:45  Elliott Landy "Sharing Stillness"
Transmits spiritual energy bringing

peace & healing. In Sharing Stillness:

Elliott transmits energy which

connects you to Essence. The energy,

which is nearly tangible, surrounds

you and helps you to enter a very

peaceful, meditative state, which is

the experience of Essence. For some, it generates healing, for others, Charkra openings, and for others, clarity of mind. Your experience of the energy transmitted during the session is an opening which allows you to feel Essence, and then, to learn to go back to it by yourself. e@landyvision.com   sharingstillness.com

12:30  Barbara Calvano "Step Into Your Power: Co Create An Extraordinary Life with the Angels"

Everything that we desire and wish for such as abundance with our health, relationships, work, creativity and happiness  are all within our reach when we are empowered.  We all have passionate dreams of a better life and world In my angel workshop, I will guide and teach you to access and stand in your power and allow the support of the angels to assist you. I will share information and techniques to make you more effective in reaching your goals by connecting and receiving messages from your angels. Discover the archangels for creating romance, health, and abundance. Experience a powerful healing meditation to release fear, anxiety and balance your energy centers. Lean how to trust your intuition and take consistent actions towards your dreams.

917-324-3726  Bcalvano-coaching@usa.net   www.bcalvanocoaching.com

1:15 Shira Adler "Why Pot is NOT What We Were Taught"  
Renowned author, activist, CBD

expert and entrepreneur. Her highly

acclaimed book "The ABC's of CBD: The

Essential Guide for Parents  (And regular

folks too)" explains  "Why Pot Is NOT What

We Were Taught."  Founder / CEO of Shira

Synergy - a premier CBD company - Shira

will educate, entertain, and explain everything you need to know about CBD & why It can change the world. Meet Shira and get your autographed copy of her book and her sought after CBD infused aromatherapy & CBD products.  ShiraSynergy.com

2:00 Rick Gabrielly  "Holistic and Wellness Practice Promoting for Purpose AND Profit" 
Gabrielly is a passionate husband, father,

author and American Wellness Entrepreneur.

Rick’s limitless enthusiasm, love of technology,

and energy medicine inspires and

motivates others. Rick helps holistic,

natural health & wellness

practitioners create practices for both purpose and profit. Connecting them with an ideal audience seeking the

highest quality self-care options is his gift. 

914-715-8909  rick@rickgabrielly.com  rickgabrielly.com

2:45 Mala Bhansingh "Getting Your Money Handled: 3 Secrets to Creating and Keeping More" In this workshop you will discover:

3 things you can do to create and keep

more money, the most important and

often overlooked aspect of managing

your thoughts around money, and the

#1 reason that is keeping you up at night

because you are anxious about paying your bills and what to do about it. Please join Mala in this workshop to discuss women and money in space that is non judgmental and shame and blame free. We will finally understand our relationship with money and what to do about it.  http://wisewomensmartmoney.com/

3:30 Dr. Michael Wald​  "Hormone, Metals & Nutrition – The Health-Disease

Connection" Not a single tissue in our

bodies can heal and maintain health

without proper hormone balance. As we

age our hormone levels decline as toxins

like metals, plastics, nutritional overdose

and other factors disrupt their delicate

balance. How does disease happen? How can we age better?  Come with your questions and enjoy a practical and entertaining discussion with Dr. Michael Wald. Dr, supervisor of nutrition at Integrated Nutrition of Mount Kisco, author and health radio show host. www.IntegratedNutritionNY.com

4:15 Dr. Michael Wald “Do Nutritional Supplements Work?  The How, When and Why” 

How can supplements both hurt and harm us? Dr. Wald will discuss their use for prevention of dementia, toxin accumulation, weight gain, cancer and other diseases. Why do doctors discard the value of supplements and healthy

diets and why do they often fail to provide the promise of better health? Come with your questions and enjoy a practical and entertaining discussion with Dr. Michael Wald, supervisor of nutrition at Integrated Nutrition of Mount Kisco, author and health radio show host. www.IntegratedNutritionNY.com

 This Fair expands into three Speaker Rooms right next to the Grand Ballroom -- all 3 rooms are right next to the Ballroom!

Yes, it's true -- the Awaken Fair just keeps on growing!

This is only the beginning of our Speaker list for the upcoming

Awaken Fair on April 22, 2018 from 10am to 5 pm in Tarrytown. 

Join us for the best Awaken Fair yet!

NEW!  AFTER HOURS PROGRAM  5:30   Zosha's "Open the Door to Awaken"

                                                   After-hours mediumship Gallery with Zosha...  a lot of people like this group setting for a                                                    medium experience.  Some people find it less   intimidating to experience connecting with                                                  their loved ones in a group setting.  Zosha's "Door Opening to Awaken" program will happen                                             at  5:30pm after the Awaken Fair ends.  The fee is $45.  Bring an object belonging to your                                                 loved one or a photo -- pets too!  There is no guarantee that there will be a message for                                    everyone, but you can be sure  there is an amazing awakening through that door. 

                                        Join this experience, walking through the doorway to your Awakening!  Click here.


Double Tree Hotel

455 So. Broadway

Tarrytown NY  10591