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Crystal Salt

Early Bird Vendor Space

Basic Location $369

10' space
6' table with cloth provided

2 chairs or more provided
floor plan with premium locations will be published later

You will be able to choose you location at a later date.  This price is for a bsic center location.   If you later choose a premium location, you will be pay the add-on premium then.  NO RETURNS.

To receive an invoice for a vendor space, click

Early Bird Speaker Spot $219

Spots are :45 each starting at 11:00 AM
Video recording permitted
Provide your own equipment (projector, mic, etc.)
All talks free of charge to guests

To receive an invoice for a speaker spot, click

Early Bird Reader/Healer Spot $89

Small round table with cloth and two chairs provided 


Sessions begin and end on quarter hour

Display table for practitioners' literature and cards

Session prices are $80 for :30 and $45 for :15 with discounts for pre-bookings

Income split with Awaken Fair 50-50

Quick payment via Venmo or Zelle within days post event

To receive an invoice for a reader or healer spot (please specify)  click

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