Nomi Bachar  Soul Alignment
Anne Benzen  Energy Healer and Reiki Master Teacher
Joy Dejesus  Healer
Kerry Delia of Winds of Change Healing  Reiki Healing 
Elliott Landy  Transmits Spiritual Energy Bringing

          Peace & Healing
Yulay Machado  Healer
Marie-Jose Matheson  Jin Shin Jyutsu Practitioner 
Dr. Mitch Tishler  Seeing With Heart™
Hanson Tse  Divine Healer & Divine Channel
Karen Wilkerson-Nantes  Healer
Reiki Healing with Denise  Healing Energy for Body,

          Mind and Spirit​


The Path of Avatar  Your Source to Higher Awareness
Elizabeth Allen's  "Feisty Woman's Guide to Surviving

          Mr. Wonderful"
Meg Conkling  Curly Hair Specialist: Redefine Beauty                           Standards Through Naturally Embracing You

Center for Coaching Masteryat 

            Westchester Community College
Nutrition Master Foods  Teddy's Tubes
The Holistic Healing Studio  Authentic Deep Mined                               Himalayan Salt Products 
Sound Shore Ayurveda  Treatments, Western

          Massage and Facials
Share International Network  Information about the                           Emergence of Maitreya, the World Teacher
Cibo Pelle  Cutaneous Food For Mankind - Love Your Skin

          and Feed It Well
Crystal Concentrics  Crystal Readings & Wellness Sessions
Natural Awakenings Magazine  Your Local Guide to

          a Healthier, More Balanced Life

AURA'bout YOU Have you seen your Aura lately?

our speakers

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Tarrytown Awaken Fair

Double tree hotel

November 19, 2017


body|mind|spirit|green fair


Peace Arnold  Intuitive Empath, Tarot Readings,                           Spiritual Guidance
David Bernstein  Angel Card Reader, Tarot,

          Family Psychic, Clairvoyant
Chi Reading & Dream Decoding ​with Ivy                                       Intuitive/Mediumship Readings 
Susan G. Chamberlain  Intuitive Healer and Mystic 
Palm & Tarot Readings By Shannon  Very Accurate                     Palm Readings from a Gregarious Person
Dr. Elle of Modern Botanica  Caribbean Card Reader
Terry Lauria-Whalen  Intuitive/Medium,

          Relationship Karma
Rosalyn Lippman  Reader
Lynn Rene MacDonald  Intuitive Reader, Empath,                   Medium, Medical Intuitive
Maxine Meilleur  Psychic Medium
Lisa Morrison  Psychic Medium
Julia Rose Portela  Psychic Medium and Intuitive
Lindsey Sass  Medium, Clairvoyant, Healer; Connect                with Departed Loved Ones, Discover Your Life Path
Bernard Traina  Reader
Stacia Vanderee  Card and Medium Readings to

         Help Heal Your Mind
Ilana   A Reading Sharing Wisdom from

          Your Inner Butterfly
Sherrill Zucker  Psychic Medium and Past Life Readings

Dannah ​Intuitive Psychic Medium

The Awaken Fair brings you the very best in expert Speakers, gifted Healers, unique Vendors and Intuitive Readers around -- our aim is quality over quantity!  Our Exhibitors give you guidance to awaken to your best self!