10:15 Racquel Walters, LMSW,

Social Worker & Transformational

Coach- “A Successful Woman’s

Guide To Having It All Without

Sacrifice”As a working woman you

tend to be and do everything for

everyone while sacrificing your own happiness, by putting your needs on the back burner. In this talk, you’ll be able to identify and recognize what you can do to take back control of your life with my “ Stop Trading Off & Take OFF” System, so that you can create more joy, freedom and flexibility to live your purpose.

11:00 Medium Joan Carra “A

Celebration of Life AfterDeath” 

Do you long to talk to a loved one

who passed away? Do you long for

comfort and closure? Joan is a

medium for over twenty years and

is recognized in books magazines

and newspapers. Joan will demonstrates her ability by communicating with your friends, family and even pets;  who have crossed over on the other side. Joan teaches at the Edgar Cayce Center, the Wainwright House and this summer was a medium at the historic Lily Dale Assembly.

​​11:45 Nomi Bachar "Keys to Inner

Healing"  Each one of us is a power

house of abilities,talents, visions,

and passions. With the right tools

we can actualize our potential,

express the best in us and make a

big difference in ourlives and

careers. This presentation offers you 
ways to release internalized limitations like 

insecurities, fears, & negative beliefs. It empowers you to strengthen all 7 facets of life to create optimal well-being, fulfillment and success. Get a clear road map to create the ultimate version of your life.Receive a powerful set of tools to leverage your potential.Increase your communication skills dramatically.Improve resourceful and creative thinking to solve problems.Maximize your ability to focus and follow up on commitments. ​

12:30 Dianne Bischoff-James 

"5 Secrets for Reinventing

YourLife -- Create More Joy,

 Passion & Success"  Super

Powerful Transformation: Is

your life everything you dreamed it would be? If not, it’s time to transform your experiences from lack and fear to wholeness and joy. Based on her bestselling book, The Real Brass Ring, Dianne will share the 5 secrets for transforming your heart, mind and body to experience optimal authentic living. You carry immense power within you, so join us to learn how to align with it to create the life of your dreams.

​1:15 Zara Starchild  “Awakening

Your Lightbody Intro”  Awakening

Your Lightbody activates your

extrasensory awareness which

begins to bring you a greater

understanding of yourself and the world

around you from a multidimensional level.

  Awakening Your Lightbody creates a Life Vehicle upgrade allowing you to cruise through life in a Luxury Vehicle rather than one that feels all the bumps of the road.  Zara Starchild will introduce a short talk on the functions of your Lightbody and guide you through 1-2 mini meditations to Awaken Your LightBody.    

2:00Lynn Rene MacDonald "Not

Loving You in the Healthiest Best

Way:  How This Effects You in

Every Area of Your Life and the

Tools and Wisdom to Change

That" This Lecture is ALL About

You!...It will give you the best understanding of WHAT is happening in your life and WHY it is happening in your life.  You will discover that whatever is not bringing you happiness in your outside world is doing so, because of what is going on within You! Plus you will leave with the Wisdom and Tools to change it!....Bring a notebook and pen....And Start Changing your Life!

2:45 Ann Finneran  “A World in

Transition: Humanity Has

Reached a Decisive Moment”

Could this period of global crises

signal a transition to new world

models we can, and must, play a

role in crafting? Many think so, aware also that “we are the change we have been waiting for.” But who does that “we” include?  Learn about the World Teacher Maitreya, and his group of wise advisors, and how they are – even now – facilitating our efforts toward world reconstruction, as we shift into the next major cycle for humanity and the planet.

3:30 Mark Van Buren & Lisa

Sargese   "Life Lessons with 

Mark  & Lisa  "Life is Suffering

. . . GET OVER IT! An Intro to

the Buddha’s First Noble Truth" 

What did the Buddha say about the dissatisfactory nature of life? And what does it have to do with us? Join Professor Lisa Sargese and Author Mark Van Buren as they unravel this ancient wisdom and show you how to meet your personal struggles with humor, courage, and compassion.

​4:15 Janet Alona Catalina LCSW

 ”PULSE Manifestation"  Join 

Janet and learn about the

dynamic, easy-to-do program

PULSE Manifestation that will

empower you to create the life

you desire, and let go of what blocks you.  Learn about the Re-Creation Lens and the power it gives you to step into the amazing person you were born to be.  With PULSE you can manifest a new job, a harmonious household, a perfect mate, improved finances or whatever you desire.  Experience a Group PULSEing.

speakers  tarrytown november 19, 2017

body|mind|spirit|green fair

Our expert Speakers offer you the latest, the most inspiring, the most stimulating sessions!  Three rooms of Speakers all day -- at no extra cost!  

​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​SOUTH SPEAKER ROOM

10:15 Lorraine Esposito  "The Power

and Distinction of Coaching"
Few people have the language skills to

articulate what they’re going though

and may struggle identifying the best

supportive environment.  We will explore the distinction of coaching vs. other supporting professions to understand basic differences in perspectives and how these differences inform the relationship that can be created. By drawing distinctions, attendees will leave with greater awareness of previously held assumptions and new empowering ideas about selecting the right supportive environment for accomplishing a life endeavor.

11:00 Emile Van der Hilst

“The Journey of a Spiritual Healer”  

Emile’s journey will showcase his

talent as well as his work to break

through the misconception associated

with the profession. Emile will answer questions including: What is true spiritual healing? How did he discover spiritual healing? How did he built up his relationship with the unseen world?  What are the benefits of spiritual healing? Emile will also demonstrate his healing gift with audience members.   

11:45 Michelle Clifton, LMT, Master

Sound Healer "Tibetan Singing Bowls

Sound Healing Meditation" You are

invited to explore the ancient healing-

potential of Tibetan Singing Bowls to

awaken a natural state of deep relaxation.  Meditation is powerful medicine and Tibetan Singing Bowls are a quick path to a deep meditative state.  Michelle Clifton, certified Master Sound Healer, looks forward to you joining her for an experience of beautiful sound tones that can calm the mind, release tension and reduce stress.

12:30 Elliott Landy  "Sharing Stillness-

Healing, Opening, Unique Energy

Transmission, Meditation” 

Elliott transmits a spiritual energy—a

vibration, often tangible, which connects

you to ESSENCE.  People’s experience during

the session varies, often including Deep

meditation (even if you have never meditated before); Reduced

anxiety, inner calmness; Seeing bright inner lights; Feeling energy move through your body (Kundalini); and Healings. Elliott will give a session during the talk, keeping discussion to a minimum, so you can experience this energy & be helped by it.  

1:15 Karen Cigna "Feeding The Hungry Heart"

How many times have you stood in front of the

refrigerator trying to decide what you wanted

to eat, when you weren’t hungry? How many

times have you eaten until you were stuffed

and you still were not satisfied?  Many of us

have been feeding our hungry hearts with the wrong food. Do you know the difference between your emotional and physical hunger? Join Karen, the author of "The Size of My Life" available on amazon.

2:00 Shama Dhanani “Save Your Money

and Your Mind! Learn 2 Easy Tools to

Move From Second Guessing to Clarity

& Confident Action"  Are you ready to

get out of your own way and into results?

   Stop getting stuck in the overwhelm of every day and pushing off what you really want.    You can leave this cycle and make a new choice.   Join me to learn tools you can use on your own to move forward by seeing your blind spots, clearing your path and claiming your power and potential for success to save your money, your mindset and your relationships.  Experience a gentle, yet powerful hypnosis, together with essential oils to clear mental and emotional blocks and move forward TODAY!

​2:45  Robin Gensburg​ "Hypnosis/Guided

Meditation - It Is Time to Clear All That

Clutter in Your Head" Hypnosis/Guided

MeditationBreathing Techniques  Robin

Gensburg  is a certified practitioner of

hypnosis through the NLP Center of New

York.  She will first be discussing the many emotional and physical health benefits of hypnosis and guided meditation. She will then do a breathing technique with everyone for a few minutes, followed by a form of meditation called a body scan, a great technique to get into a nice state of relaxation, followed by hypnosis combined with guided meditation.  Everyone should feel much more clear headed and relaxed then when they first arrived.

3:30 Eileen O’Hare “Current Shamanism”
Eileen is a Shamanic Practitioner and Teacher

of Peruvian Shamanism.  Weaving ancient and

modern healing practices into a powerfully

effective 'Current Shamanism', Eileen helps

clients track and retrieve lost power and soul

parts, dismantle negative beliefs or emotions

and shift self-defeating attitudes or approaches to life into life enhancing intentions rooted in being and staying present. Her unique, Mesayok Medicine Spiral offers traditional shamanic training and healing. She works with individuals, couples and children, and offers ceremonial rituals for all of life’s milestones.      

4:15 Angela Nicastro "DNA Transformation: 

Taking Quantum Leaps in Conscious

Evolution" Learn how authentic causal

moment transformation of fear,

self-sabotage, abandonment,

unworthiness, etc. in your life is the new

paradigm for empowerment.   These low frequencies are held in the DNA causing trauma patterns to repeat. DNA Transformation, a New Paradigm for the New Times, addresses the causal moment, or root cause of trauma, and allows the DNA to release blocks, fears, and accumulated trauma, opening the cells to light, our only organic language. Awaken your authentic self, live from truth, not from fear.

Just one of our expert Speakers...


10:15 Shira Adler "The ABCs of CBD: Why

Pot is Not What We Were Taught"  Shira,

aka #MAMA - the Modern Alt. Mom Advocate

- is the voice for our generation. As a parent,

 activist, advocate, author & entrepreneur,

Shira shares how she became known as

#ThePotMom after being falsely reported to

CPS (twice) for giving her kids marijuana & launching her new life as an activist and advocate. Her first book, “The ABCs of CBD: The Essential Guide for Parents (Why ”Pot” Is Not What We Were Taught)”  is coming out this month.

11:00 ​Karen Betten, Nurse Practitoner & Founder

of Limitless Living "Relax the Body & Liberate the

Mind: Learn Powerful Tools to Experience Ease

and Longevity in the Body & Mind "
You have the power to resolve injuries, to slow

down the effects of aging on the body and to

become better at any physical or mental activity. Whether you are an athlete, a yogi, or trapped in an office all day… in this Franklin Method workshop you will learn to transform any activity into a way that feels better in your body; breathing, thinking, sitting, yoga, running and daily movement.  Explore the mind/ body connection thru powerful imagery techniques & therapeutic balls& bands.

11:45  Hanson Tse “Unveiling the

Greater You: A Divinely Channeled

Healing”  Visionary Master Healer and

the developerof WAMBI Exploration™,

a Philosophy and Practice of

Everything. While he is known for his extraordinarily healing abilities, they are merely the natural byproduct of this practice. Graduating from Vassar in Psychology, Hanson set to learn the truth about life through philosophical observation and scientific mindset.  His discoveries demonstrate that these remarkable insights and gifts are the sovereign domain of humanity.

12:30 Dr.Tranquility  "Great PR Tips To Next

Level Your Biz" Dr.Tranquility-Lydia has

worked with Dr. Wayne Dyer, Dr. Joe Vitale,

Laura Day, Dee Wallace & Mas Sajady either

booking them for appearances, TV, Radio,

Magazines & dedicated email blast with a

vast reach & a high open rate which is Key! 

Current clients :Kairi Jeffries Rawtrition, Annette Hadley Abundance Art. & Hanson Tse ...Will you be selected next?  exclusive tips & secrets for promoting your protocol & biz for expo's, fairs & media.  Q & A with Dr.Tranquility- Lydia & one of her Special  Project Clients may turn up!

​ 1:15 Kairi Jeffries "Harness the power of

nutrient-rich feel good energy of Rawtrition

BioEnergy &  Superfoods" Be your best self!

From Time Square long standing billboard

model and successful patent holder Kairi

Jeffries in his quest to remain youthful, vibrant and fit, came up with a unique blend of superfoods to energize your

body through concentrated bioavailable nutrition due to lack of such a product on the market - RawTrition BioEnergy. The numerous testimonials on reveal the fantastic results experienced  by clients who know the benefits of this unique blend of micro algae and superfoods in RawTrition BioEnergy.  Now enjoy the holiday body of your dreams!

2:00  Annette Hadley  “Cured Through

Creativity: Trauma Survivor to Thriver” Do

you sometimes feel like a round peg in a

square hole? That people don't "get" you? That

you don't have a creative bone in your body

and wish you did? Do you live with chronic

anxiety? Consider this: most anxiety disorders

can be traced back to some sort of trauma. It may be obvious and big and scary… and silent and insidious. Creativity offers a way out. Your soul will thank you for attending this soul-opening and interactive session.

2:45  Dr. Eric Kaplan "Breakthrough Research

In the Prevention of Memory Loss and

Dementia" Do not let your loved ones become

strangers to you. Getting older does not mean

your memory will start to decline. There are

many ways to improve your memory even as

you age. During this talk, you will learn about the best ways to prevent dementia and Alzheimer's Disease. Dr. Kaplan will teach you about the most researched natural protocols that will keep your mind strong and improve your mind.    

​3:30 Olivia Whiteman “7 Minute Guided

Meditation for Stress Relief, Clarity & Greater

Happiness”  This program will repeat every 7

minutes from 3:30 til 5:00... Life is filled with

struggles, obstacles, joys & triumphs. Your life

journey in the good times as well as the struggles, can be enhanced by a simple daily meditation practice. Even a

minute a day is time that will reap its rewards when you need it most. The 7 minutes guided meditation is a way to begin your journey.Come and learn how meditation can: Connect you to the stillness & silence that rests within, Release emotional toxicity & Manifest your dreams.The daily seven practice will leave you feeling calm, focused, and happy. Let Olivia introduce and guide you through a meditation and discover the wonderful present it can be to your day.

4:15 Olivia Whiteman “7 Minute Guided 

Meditation for Stress Relief, Clarity & Greater Happiness”  This program will repeat every 7

minutes from 3:30 til 5:00... Life is filled with 

struggles, obstacles, joys & triumphs. Your life

journey in the good times as well as the struggles

, can be enhanced by a simple daily meditation practice. Even a minute a day is time that will reap its rewards when you need it most. The 7 minutes guided meditation is a way to begin your journey.Come and learn how meditation can: Connect you to the stillness & silence that rests within, Release emotional toxicity & Manifest your dreams.The daily seven practice will leave you feeling calm, focused, and happy. Let Olivia introduce and guide you through a meditation and discover the wonderful present it can be to your day.