11:00  Dr. Mitch Tishler "Your Heart Is Calling You: It's Time to Listen!"

11:45 Nomi Bachar "The Path to Your Best Self"

12:30 Dianne Bischoff-James "5 Secrets for

Reinventing Your Life -- Create More Joy,

 Passion & Success"  Super Powerful

Transformation: Is your life everything you

dreamed it would be? If not, it’s time to

transform your experiences from lack and fear to wholeness and joy. Based on her bestselling book, The Real Brass Ring, Dianne will share the 5 secrets for transforming your heart, mind and body to experience optimal authentic living. You carry immense power within you, so join us to learn how to align with it to create the life of your dreams.

1:15  Hanson Tse “Unveiling the Greater

You: A Divinely Channeled Healing” 

Visionary Master Healer and the developer

of WAMBI Exploration™, a Philosophy and

Practice of Everything. While he is known for

his extraordinarily healing abilities, they are merely the natural byproduct of this practice. Graduating from Vassar in Psychology, Hanson set to learn the truth about life through philosophical observation and scientific mindset.  His discoveries demonstrate that these remarkable insights and gifts are the sovereign domain of humanity.

2:00 Lynn Rene MacDonald "Not Loving You in the Healthiest Best Way:  How This Effects You in Every Area of Your Life and the Tools and Wisdom to Change That"

2:45 Meryl Tihanyi of Share International "World Change - A Spiritual Perspective"

3:30 Mark Van Buren & Lisa Sargese   "Life Lessons with Mark  & Lisa  "Life is Suffering . . . GET OVER IT! An Intro to the Buddha’s First Noble Truth"

​4:15 Janet Catalina

speakers  tarrytown november 19, 2017


10:15 Lorraine Esposito  "The Power

and Distinction of Coaching"
Few people have the language skills to

articulate what they’re going though and

may struggle identifying the best

supportive environment.  We will explore the distinction of coaching vs. other supporting professions to understand basic differences in perspectives and how these differences inform the relationship that can be created. By drawing distinctions, attendees will leave with greater awareness of previously held assumptions and new empowering ideas about selecting the right supportive environment for accomplishing a life endeavor.

11:00 Emile Van der Hilst

“The Journey of a Spiritual Healer”  

Emile’s journey will showcase his talent

as well as his work to break through the

misconception associated with the

profession. Emile will answer questions including: What is true spiritual healing? How did he discover spiritual healing? How did he built up his relationship with the unseen world?  What are the benefits of spiritual healing? Emile will also demonstrate his healing gift with audience members.   

11:45 Michelle Clifton, LMT, Master Sound

Healer "Tibetan Singing Bowls Sound

Healing Meditation" You are invited to

explore the ancient healing-potential of

Tibetan Singing Bowls to awaken a natural

state of deep relaxation.  Meditation is powerful medicine and Tibetan Singing Bowls are a quick path to a deep meditative state.  Michelle Clifton, certified Master Sound Healer, looks forward to you joining her for an experience of beautiful sound tones that can calm the mind, release tension and reduce stress.

12:30 Elliott Landy 

1:15 Karen Cigna 

2:00 Shama Dhanani 

​2:45  Robin Gensburg"Hypnosis/Guided Meditation - It Is Time to Clear All That Clutter in Your Head"

3:30 Eileen O'Hare 

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