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Our elegant and artsy new venue is the Roger Smith Hotel, an amazingly sweet, privately-owned hotel just steps from Grand Central Station.  It creates an intimate and interesting environment for this event -- there's even a rooftop bar!

new york city pop-up Awaken Fair

roger smith hotel

july 23, 2017

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Two Rooms of Speakers ALL day -- ALL FREE!

As always, the Awaken Fair brings you the very best in expert Speakers around -- our aim is the best quality speakers available!  Our Speakers

 give you guidance to awaken to your best self!

​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​11:00 Dr. Albert Speranza -- "Permanently Reduce the Stress in Your Relationships"

Relationships are complex, requiring our continued care and attention.  Feeling stressed in one or more of our relationships, particularly those with whom we are the closest is commonplace.  Dr. Speranza, a practicing psychiatrist and psychotherapist for the past 24 years, will discuss with the audience a path of unconditional self-care that has the potential to permanently reduce relationship stress.  This can make any relationship more enjoyable and satisfying.  718-570-7701 

11:45 Dr. Mitch Tishler -- "Seeing With Heart In Action -- It's time for 'I love me' "

Do you feel guilty about taking time for yourself?  Do you put others needs before your own? In this interactive session with Dr. Mitch Tishler, learn effective skills for:taking care of self, holding safe boundaries and reclaiming voice. Mitch will also weave the deeply moving sounds of the harmonium - a hand pumped organ commonly found in traditional Indian music - into the experience. Mitch Tishler, D.C., is the author of Me, Finally: Navigating Life with an Open Heart and Seeing With Heart: The Original Channeled Writings 

12:30 Lois Kramer-Perez, CHt -- "Living Present Consciously with Feng Shui-Manifest Your Heart's Desire"

You are ready to take control of the wheel.
You know how awesome it feels to start living with choice rather than reaction. You will immediately find relief from the stresses of the environment we live in today. Learn the tools to instantly increase your awareness moving from victim to victor, manifesting with Feng Shui.  The moment we begin changing our patterns through choice, we can respond to events of which we have no control, we begin Living Present Consciously.  201 - 906 - 5767

1:15 Lynn Rene MacDonald -- "Not Loving You in the Healthiest Best Way: How This Effects You in Every Area of Your Life and the Tools and Wisdom to Change That"

This Lecture is ALL About You!...It will give you the best understanding of WHAT is happening in your life and WHY it is happening in your life.You will discover that whatever is not bringing you happiness in your outside world is doing so, because of what is going on within You! Plus you will leave with the Wisdom and Tools to change it!....Bring a notebook and pen....And Start Changing your Life! 757-816-3134  FB: Lynn Rene MacDonald  Instagram:  lynn.rene.macdonald

2:00 Kyle Russell -- "Working with Crystals - a New Paradigm"

What if - instead of a myriad of confusing books - you could use a basic paradigm for understanding all Crystals? Kyle Russell’s Crystal Concentric approach does exactly that. In this talk, you’ll learn which Crystals tap right into our Body/Chakra system, and which are “free agents” - what he calls Channel stones - for use anywhere. Drawing from 30 years' experience, Kyle answers your questions, and puts the varied mineral world into practical context.

2:45 Benjamin Lane, Optometric Physician, Nutritional Optometrist -- "Foods for Better Vision"

What veggies, vites, minerals and enzymes are good for your eyes? What are the best foods and lifestyle choices? Too much vitamin C? Not enough B? “Once patients start enhancing their nutrition, their visual field testing improves, Dr Lane reports. His mantra, “Get tested."  Dr. Lane is considered a pioneer of ocular nutrition for changing treatment protocol for glaucoma, cataracts and macular degeneration.

3:30 SHARE International's Meryl Tihanyi -- “World Change – A Spiritual Perspective: An introduction to the Ageless Wisdom Teachings”  

 Meryl Tihanyi, volunteer with Share International USA What in the world is happening? Endless war, alarming climate change, profit before people. Simultaneously, a hopeful movement grows: Corruption is brought to light, people demand justice, peace and a livable planet. World Teacher Maitreya, and His Group are here now, inspiring Humanity. They will revolutionize our understanding of life and teach us how to restore Justice, Sharing, Brotherhood and Peace for all.  Come hear the truth about Maitreya the World Teacher, and why this is a very special time to be alive. 516-835-2369

4:15 Rodrigo Imana -- "The Brain-Body Connection"

Empower your healing wisdom by learning the essence of Brain-Body Connection. We will focus on the Physical, Emotional and Spiritual aspects of how this Brain-Body Connection can affect your Physiology, Healing and Life. We will do Q & A to focus on specific symptoms and conditions that people may have, so come ready with questions!  Human Potential Chiropractic  (212) 245-1415  Cell: (212) 390-8169

11:00 Diane M Foster -- “Tapping into Universal Energy – The First Step in Manifesting Your Soul’s Purpose”

 Together, we will embark on an amazing journey where we will discuss Energy, the Neutral Mind, Universal Consciousness and more.  We will discover the difference between working within the constraints of accepted knowledge vs tapping into the unlimited resources of the Universe. We will learn how to tune into the frequency of the Universe, and also how to build your Neutral (Quiet) Mind using a technique based on Kriya meditation. This will help you as you continue on your path to discover your soul’s purpose.  518-364-4919

11:45 Nomi Bachar -- "Be, Do & Have All that is Possible (Keys to Optimal Living)"

Each one of us is a powerhouse of abilities, talents, visions, and passions. With the right tools we can actualize our potential, express the best in us and make a big difference in our lives and careers. This presentation offers you ways to release internalized limitations and insecurities. It empowers you to strengthen all 7 facets of life to create optimal well-being, fulfillment, and success.  You Learn To: Get a clear road map to create the ultimate version of your life. Receive a powerful set of tools to leverage your potential.  Increase your communication skills dramatically.  Improve resourceful and creative thinking to solve problems.  Maximize your ability to focus and follow up on commitments. 212-877-0346 &

12:30 Julia Rose Portela -- "Deja Who? Understanding Soul Connections"

Have you ever felt like you've known someone your whole life, even when you've only just met them? Have you ever experienced Deja Vu, the feeling that you've done something before, even though you may be experiencing it for the first time? These are moments of soul clarity, a moment where your soul recognizes that there is more to life than what meets the eye. Come join Julia Rose Portela for an interactive talk on how to recognize, understand and interpret these moments!

1:15 Hanson Tse -- "Unveiling the Greater You: A Divinely Channeled Healing"

Release the things that hold you back in life be they traumas, unresolved past life issues, karmic ties, "negative emotions" and limiting beliefs, relationships, and much more.  This beautiful and relaxing process allows the truer you to come in and shine through, leaving you truly transformed.  Hanson is a Master Visionary Healer and the Developer of WAMBI Exploration, a revolutionary Philosophy and Practice of Everything.  Follow him on Instagram at @hanson.tse and visit his website:​

2:00 Dr. Eric Kaplan -- "Breakthrough Research in the Prevention of Memory Loss and Dementia"

Do not let your loved ones become strangers to you. Getting older does not mean your memory will start to decline.  There are many ways to improve your memory even as you age.  During this talk, you will learn about the best ways to prevent dementia and Alzheimer's Disease.  Dr. Kaplan will teach you about the most researched natural protocols that will keep your mind strong and improve memory.   Dr. Kaplan's office (212) 620-8121​

2:45 Unity Rev. Debra Soul, Creator of Heal by Soul

You deserve it.  Be guided to fulfill your mission, aligning your highest consciousness .   From core to soul level.  Understand giving and accepting; the profound healing experience.  Clear past life.   Receive your mission.  Getting issues out of your tissues.  Exploring your personal “planning power.”  Renew your cells - balance chakras.  Stop the emotional and physical pain.  Remove blocks - be cleared by Master energy healer and intuitive wellness coach.  347-968-0908​​

3:30 Nina Manolson -- “Do You Long to Feel Truly Good in Your Body?”  

“Do you long to feel truly good in your body?”  Join Nina Manolson, MA, Women’s Nourishment Expert and learn: The map that will get you to body-love! And no, it's not a diet.  The 5 phases of body-love and how to grow a powerful and compassionate relationship with your body so you can feel good in your own skin! And why looking in the mirror and saying "I LOVE YOU" to yourself doesn't usually work and what does!

4:15 Todd Pressman -- “Radical Joy: Fast, Powerful Results for (Finally) Getting Free of Fear” is the prime mover of all our suffering, the chief obstacle to spiritual realization. Radical Joy is a powerful new therapy for digging up fear at its root and transforming it into profound fulfillment. With never-before-presented techniques--including "The Alchemist", "The Witness" and "The Warrior's Stance"--you will uncover the core fear and chief defense to find your “Mighty Purpose”.  Come prepared for an exciting adventure into the deepest regions of the unconscious, to discover the secrets of “Radical Joy!”  Todd Pressman, Ph.D., is a psychologist, author and international speaker who has traveled the world to study the great Wisdom traditions—with Zen masters, Sri Lankan firewalkers and Zoroastrian priests, as well as a father whose teachers were students of Sigmund Freud--to create this program which has helped thousands around the world to achieve true freedom. 609-351-0780



Both Speaker Rooms are on the Second Floor:

the Screening Room and the Winthrop Room