Lynn Rene MacDonald  Intuitive Reader, Empath, Medium, Medical Intuitive

​Share International Network

Diane M. Foster Master Energy Worker – Intuitive Energy Healing Combining Multiple Modalities

Leah DeSanto Intuitive Usui & Tibetan Reiki Master and Shamanic Journeyer 

David Bernstein 
Certified Card Reader,

Family Psychic, and Clairvoyant

Michael Edley
Psychic Medium

Calise Simone
Psychic Medium

Chi Reading & Dream Decoding ​with Ivy
Intuitive/Mediumship Readings &

Dream Analysis

Terry Lauria-Whalen 
Intuitive/Medium, Relationship Karma

Dr. Benjamin Lane
"Foods For Better Vision"

Lynn Rene MacDonald 
Intuitive Reader, Empath, Medium and Medical Intuitive

Diane M. Foster
“Tapping into Universal Energy –The First Step in Manifesting Your Soul’s Purpose”

Meryl Tihanyi 
“World Change – A Spiritual Perspective: : An introduction to the Ageless Wisdom Teachings”

Lynn Rene MacDonald "Not Loving You In the Healthiest Best way;  How This Effects you in Every Area Of Your Life; And The Tools and Wisdom to Change That."

​My Skin Harmony All Natural Skin Care for the Health of your Skin

​Julia Rose PortelaPsychic Medium

Kyle RussellSpeaker

Crystal ConcentricsFine Quality Crystals

Lois Kramer-Perez, CHt  "Living Present Consciously with Feng Shui-Manifest Your Hearts Desire"

Dr. Mitch Tischler

Seeing With Heart In Action-  

It's time for "I love me"

Debra Sulner "Clearing the Issues out of Your Tissues so You Can Step into Your Power"

Psychic Rafina Intuitive Readings

Kaitlyn JohnstonVibrational/Sound Healing with Tibetan Singing Bowls

​Jolene Star  Healer

Julia Rose Portela  "Deja Who? Understanding Soul Connections"

Dara Albericci  Mindful Medium: Psychic & Mediumship Readings

Nomi Bacher  "Be, Do, & Have All that is Possible (Keys to Optimal Living)"

​Nina Manolson  “Do you long to feel truly good in your body?”  

Rodrigo Imana "The Brain-Body Connection"

Human Potential ChiropracticThe Standard Proceedure for the Human Experience

Lakonia Greek Products  Greek Olive Oil, Olives & Herbs

​Dr. George Gertner  Upper Cervical Chiropractic of NY

​Natural Awakenings Magazines  Free, Monthly Magazine Focused on Healthy Living

Nomi BacharSoul Alignment

Art of Astrology Specializing in custom-made jewelry featuring the original Lucky Eye Jewelry for protection, healing and fashion

Hanson Tse"Unveiling the Greater You: A Divinely Channeled Healing"

​One TasteOrgasmic Meditation - Empathy, Connection and Generosity

Our elegant and artsy new venue is the Roger Smith Hotel, an amazingly sweet, privately-owned hotel just steps from Grand Central Station.  It creates an intimate and interesting environment for this event -- just about half our usual model.

body|mind|spirit|green fair

As always, the Awaken Fair brings you the very best in expert Speakers, gifted Healers, unique Vendors and Intuitive Readers around -- our aim is quality over quantity!  Our Exhibitors give you guidance to awaken to your best self!

new york city pop-up Awaken Fair

roger smith hotel

july 23, 2017

This Awaken Fair is a "pop-up" because it wasn't originally of the 2017 plan... but things change, the Universe is in charge and there WILL be an Awaken Wellness Fair in NYC this summer.  The ticket price for guests is FREE -- guests just have to register at Eventbrite -- YAY!  Who doesn't love FREE?